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Caye Caulker premiers Belize’s first film on Friday!!

On September 04, 2012 in Belize, Caye Caulker, Exploring Caye Caulker

Friday will be the night of great celebration when Paradiso’s Outdoor Cinema will present Belize’s first motion picture – Kurse a Di Xtabai!

This movie was not only filmed in Belize, by an all Belizean cast and crew but it is also in Kriol!!  The film is a supernatural thriller that is set to impress and along with the fact that the screening will also have the cast making an appearance, it sure is something that we should not miss!!

So come on out and support Belize’s first motion picture – showings are on Friday 7th September at 6.30pm and 8.30pm and tickets can be bought in advance from Paradiso Cafe!

School opens and unveils the 2 new classrooms.

On September 03, 2012 in Caye Caulker, News

The two new classrooms!Inside the new classroom!

Today was the beginning of the new school year for the Caye Caulker’s Roman Catholic School and all children from age 5 to 12 years old were in attendance for this very important day of the year.  Everybody has a new teacher, a new classroom and maybe even some new friends added into their class from last year.

For some this day was one that they eagerly awaited and for others, there were a few tears and dragging of feet to come through the school gates!!  And then there are those who are attending school for the first time, these small students looking with great excitement in their eyes, a sense of achievement that they are now part of the ‘big kid’ ranks.

School Assembly

With the ever increasing population here on Caye Caulker, so does the demand for additional space in order to educate its children.  This year the Village Council and the Area Representative – along with generous donations from Seaside Cabanas and a number of other businesses, including the Lobster Fest Committee, have furnished us with two new classrooms.  Each classroom is large enough to sit comfortably at least 30 children and with ceiling fans and a fresh coat of paint, the new Standard I classmates are happy that this will be there new home for the next year.

Although this is a welcome necessity for our children’s education, Miss Bea in her opening remarks to the school in Assembly admitted that there is a heavy demand for more classrooms as the size of the classes for this community are growing to the point of requiring them to be split.  But without no space, this is impossible.  If anybody does know of how or if they could assist us – please contact Raggamuffin!

We want to pass on our thanks for all those involved in the creation of the two new classrooms and also to  wish good luck for all those students in the up-coming year!


Winding down of summer .. back to the real world!!

On August 31, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Culture

The Split - unusually empty!Nobody to relax in the chairs!

As we watch the island slow down of traffic – in the last week we have gone from hectic busy to dead slow – we are faced with the realities of the months to come.

Firstly, back to school!  Everybody is somehow affected by this huge deal – either you have children or you are related or friends children are gearing up for a new school year.  The financial commitment with regard to school uniforms and books have had parents traveling to Belize City to complete their children’s book requirements, not to mention accessories!  School here on Caye Caulker will commence on Monday and therefore this week and indeed weekend is precious – the final moments of a child’s freedom before the next school year commences!

And, as expected, along with the summer disappearing in front of our eyes, so do the tourists … no more scantily clad Italians meandering up and down our sandy roads – so long, until next year!!  Businesses each cope with the slow season as best they can – for us at Raggamuffin, we close for October.  Many of the restaurants will do the same, some may close in September too.  Its a time for all staff to take a break, a holiday and re-charge those well needed batteries in preparation for November – the beginning of a new  season!!

And finally – the weather – although hurricane season quite literally spans from June to the end of November – for us here in Belize, hurricanes or bad weather traditionally creeps up on us in the months of September and October.  So the next few months become a time for us to watch the weather to ensure that we all remain safe.  Truthfully this year the Caribbean waters (that which gives any of these storms the fuel for which to increase in strength) seem cooler than we have seen in the past 5 years or so.  This is good, it really looks like it is not possible for any kind of weather threat to find us this year – locals would say that they could ‘feel it’!!

So all in all … the holiday is over .. back to reality, which in Paradise is still not the same as many of yours!!!


The official Raggamuffin video is here!!

On August 31, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Exploring Caye Caulker, Ragga Vids, Video

We love ourselves so much (and isn’t that the truth!!!) that we like nothing better than looking at ourselves again and again – so the next step is a video that includes all the characters of Raggamuffin, the islands and the reef we encounter on our voyages!

So here it is .. the official Raggamuffin Tours video – like it, share it and of course, LOVE IT!!

For fly fishing excellence – Caye Caulker is the place to be!!

On August 27, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Exploring Caye Caulker, Marine Series

Parnell with Team Anglers Abroad - Ken, Travis and Haywood Parnell with 120lb Tarpon

Once again our fly fishing guides put our tiny island on the international map!!  This weekend the 4th annual Tres Pescados was held in Ambergris Caye – this tournament is where the fly fishing elite from Belize and around the world join forces to both gather data on the fishing area and also raise funds for local charities.

The idea of the tournament is to test both the fisherman and the Guides as each team  of 3, comprises of a Guide and 2 Fisherman – together they must bring home and have weighed their best size and amount of fly fishing’s grand slam fish – Permit, Tarpon and Bonefish.   Each year Caye Caulker brothers Parnell (Fly Treks) and Ken Coc  (Anglers Abroad) compete for the fun of the sport, for the pride of Caye Caulker  and of course, the title!!

The past two years Ken Coc has dominated the competition by his team winning and also being crowned as the Lead Guide in the competitions.  This year it was his brother’s turn to light up the pride of Caye Caulker as Parnell came in second with Ken coming a close 4th.

With pride we must congratulate our Coc brothers  as once again they did us proud.  With this win sending a clear message (once again) to those who are interested in the sport of fly fishing , that Caye Caulker is indeed the island to be for competitive prices and quality guiding!!!

Luis – Big Up The Caye’s Silent Hero!

On August 23, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Culture, Exploring Caye Caulker

Luis hard at work!Luis Alcocer - a good man!

When you live here, year in and year out – you get to realize that in the day to day running of Caye Caulker there are some silent heros.  These are the people who really do make a difference  to our community but they get very little acknowledgement or praise for what they actually do.

One such person that will always have my huge respect is Luis Alcocer.  Luis has been born and raised in Caye Caulker, truthfully not far from the Raggamuffin Tours office – and for 10 of his 29 year life, he has worked at the Village Council.  Now truthfully there are a number of willing and able men and women that work at the Village Council (all of whom really should get a mention) but Luis has been one of the longest standing and that deserves a medal itself!!

Luis is the man that we have to thank for our clean streets.  He walks up and down the island daily raking and picking up garbage and fallen tree leaves making the streets that have captured the imagination of so many, the picturesque images that they are today.  What makes his job so unbearably exhausting is the tropical heat and humidity he has to undertake his work – and that, twinned with the unrelenting sunshine beating down on his head, would be enough to make most of us give up after a week – never mind 10 years!

What makes this man our hero today is that even though he has one of the toughest jobs in the world, Luis is one of the friendliest and charming characters on the street today.  He remains so up-beat, despite being layered with thick clothes and hat to protect him from the sun – his demeanor being more of a person on the way to the Split for a relaxing swim and a beer than somebody at work!

One of Luis’s water stops is Raggamuffin, as he always stops in to fill up his bottle with our cold water – always polite, always grateful for his small reward and always, always with a huge smile on his face.

Thank you Luis for all your hard work for Caye Caulker – your endeavors have not gone un-noticed!

Island kids treated to a balloon fiesta!

On August 22, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Culture, Exploring Caye Caulker

Rachel and the kidsRachel showing the kids how to master her craft.

In so many ways the children of Caye Caulker are truly blessed with their barefoot, free spirited life-style that is so charmed.  But once in a while we have to give thanks to the tourist/ passers by who wish to share their gifts  - be it their talent, their knowledge even their purse to benefit our children!

Yesterday was one of those days as Rachel Fournet-Fayard, travelling from Paris, France wished to entertain the kids with her creative and fun talent – balloon shaping!  Rachel met up with Adela at the Raggamuffin Tours office two days ago and together they hatched their plan for Adela to hold a kids party for her daughter Joannie the following day.

Rachel’s talent is truly beyond what any of us have ever imagined and the kids were amazed at what she created – from Octopus, horses, dogs, fairy wands and hats etc etc.  Rachel even allowed the kids to interact with her creative technique and witness how she was able to put together these works of art!

If you want to see more of what Rachel’s artwork – please have a look at her website  Thank Rachel for entertaining our kids all afternoon!!

Beach Volleyball at the Split – Caye Caulker style!

On August 20, 2012 in Caye Caulker, News

Broaster and Chico - the eventual winners!! Luis and Tico - the battle hungry second place.

Even if you only half like beach volleyball this weekend was a resounding success.  The Lazy Lizard and Crystal sponsored a beach volleyball competition that entertained us all weekend and we have to thank them for that.

Not only was the island packed with tourists, but locals from far and wide came to cheer on their favorite doubles act in both women and mens competitions.

With six teams entering the mens competition (three from Caye Caulker and three from Belize) this commenced first on Saturday and the finals took place on Sunday.  For the womens, only four teams entered and one team from Caye Caulker their competition took place on Sunday.

The brave ladies - with Seni Rosado, from CC, on the far left.The finals at sunset!

For those who may not be in Belize in the moment please understand that this weekend was very much about the sweltering heat and the beating hot sun.  It can be commented that only the foolhardy or the immensely fearless and physically fit that would even consider entering this competition and therefore you have to take your hats off to each and every competitor!

Needless to say, by the time Sunday’s sunset drew in all those partaking in the event looked very much sandy, sweaty and weary!  However as in all these scenarios there has to be a winner – for the womens competition Belize City took the trophy, with our own Seni Rosado coming in a well fought third – well done ladies.  However, for the mens competition the finals was hard fought and truthfully extremely close and both teams were Caye Caulker locals.

Chico and Broaster just managed to beat Luis and Tico in the third and final set which was a nail biting and end to end stuff – thrilling for all those watching.  Chico impressed all onlookers who are not familiar with his volleyball prowess – he will never look the same sitting behind the BTL desk anymore after we have seen him on that volleyball court!

Thank you for all those taking part and especially the sponsors – the Lazy Lizard and Crystal Water – good weekend had by all!!


August traditionally ‘Italian’ Month

On August 17, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Exploring Caye Caulker, News

Brief swim wear - the Italians do it best!!

When you work year in and year out in the tourism sector of Caye Caulker to begin to recognize patterns and seasons both with numbers and the difference in demographic each month.

Whilst our high season definitely runs from November to May, an additional high season in the summer of July and August is traditionally witnessed for us in the ‘back-packer’ market of Caye Caulker.  This small influx is like a blessing to us here on the island as it will allow us to save money to take us through the slow (almost dead) months of September and October.

This August and July has not disappointed as the Split, Caye Caulker has been quite the place to be at sunset with scantily clad Europeans running around and enjoying our Caribbean flavor!!  For as long as I can remember, August has been christened ‘Italian Month’.  Although Italians obviously travel throughout the year, August is a month which at home they take the month off and therefore Italians travel the world on mass during the month of August.

Their presence is distinctive as they generally travel in large groups – Adventuro del Mundo – and their leader will research for tours and hotels, their goal to strive for the best quality at the cheapest price.  If there is generalizations that one can apply to these Italians is that they are always animated, fashionably dressed and they will definitely win the award for the Nation that wears the smallest swim attire!!

Whilst back 4 years ago their groups were at least 20 and perhaps above, with the Italian’s economy the size of the groups and even the number of groups have definitely dropped this year – however, their presence is very much still here and we are enjoying every minute of it as they make the Split seem colorful, well tanned and beautiful!!


Shark Week!!

On August 16, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Marine Series, News

Great WhiteNurse Shark

Yes, it is here, the official Shark Week 12th – 19th August celebrated by the Discovery Channel.  And, although they are mainly celebrating the sharks on the opposite end of the spectrum with regard to fear ie the Great White, our Nurse Sharks deserve a little applause too and so we are here to give them a big hand!!

Both the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and the Caye Caulker Marine Reserve have varying numbers of resident Nurse Sharks.  These non- agressive members of the Shark family serve an educational purpose to all of those persons who have been terrified to get into the water since ‘Jaws’ first came out,  proving that not all Sharks are going to tear your head off!!

Shark week will be on the Discovery Channel for the rest of the week so for those wanting to learn more about how we can protect our apex predator and therefore protect our marine environment.  Or perhaps you just want to terrify yourselves or even just admire the prowess of these magical creatures in the water – whatever the reason, it will be interesting!!