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Girl Power!!!

On June 08, 2011 in Caye Caulker, Culture, News

San Pedro Celebrating Caye Caulker Women's Football Team

The boys have always dominated the different sports across the island, but now the girls are holding their own against them! Caye Caulker’s Women’s Football team (that’s soccer for the Aussies and Americans) have been training hard every night and as a result have been kicking some serious butt in the last few competitions!

On Sunday crowds gathered to watch Caye Caulker (decked out in purple) and San Pedro battle it out on the field during the sweltering midday sun. But despite the heat the girls from these rival teams played hard and never gave up. By the end of the day Caye Caulker came out on top winning all their games – including the last match which they won 5 – 1 – taking out first place in the competition. Everybody watching from the sidelines were cheering and jumping around when the final whistle was blown. We were all very proud of the girls and what they had achieved. It was great moment where island came together in support.

Crowd Celebrating Caye Caulker Wins!

The two San Pedro teams were then left to fight it out against each other for second and third place.

It’s great to see so many ladies from the island getting involved in some competitive sport and hopefully it will encourage others to get involved as well. They are a very talented group of players and if they keep training as hard as they are they will only continue to improve.

We will make sure that we keep you update on any upcoming competitions as well so that you are also able to show your support and share in their success :)

Hurricane Season Has Begun, And So Can Your Holiday Plans For Belize!

On June 05, 2011 in Belize, Caye Caulker, News

Summer Holiday Satellite Image

There are many misconceptions about travelling during Hurricane Season, but I am here to tell you that there is no need to fret and that there can actually be some benefits to travelling during these months!

Hurricane Season began on the 1st of June and ends on the 30th of November, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t still book your holiday to Belize during this period. Although we can never predict if a hurricane will hit our region this year, the truth is that it is unlikely to happen as most of these storms end up being pushed up into the Gulf of Mexico or out towards Africa. In fact only 4 Hurricanes have directly hit Belize since the year 2000. However it is wet season so it is likely that you would experience more rain compared to other months, but for the tropics these rain showers generally occur in the morning or late at night leaving most of the day for you to relax or explore. Just yesterday for example it was rainy at 9am and the sky was filled with dark clouds, but by 10:30am the clouds disappeared and it was hot and sunny for the rest of the day.

The weather in Belize will still be ideal but by travelling during these months you will have the opportunity to get your hands on some cheaper flights and accommodation as prices are brought down. You will also be able to enjoy the fact that islands like Caye Caulker will not be jam-packed with tourists like it is in high season, making this paradise even more peaceful and relaxing!

So it’s true we don’t know what Mother Nature has install for us this year, but as long as you do your research and make the necessary preparations then there is no need to put your vacation plans on hold!

Most importantly we just hope that everyone in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean stay safe this Hurricane Season!

Makeover Time!!!

On June 03, 2011 in News, Photographs, Ragga Crew

Ragga King Ragga Prince

Raggamuffin is blessed enough to have many, many wonderful supporters who travel to Caye Caulker on holidays to take our tours, keeping us very busy throughout most of the year and for that we are very grateful. But it is not only our crew who are kept busy but also our trusty boats…..And with hard work comes general wear and tear. Our four sailboats – Ragga Queen, Ragga King, Ragga Gal and Ragga Prince – are continuously going back and forth to Hol Chan Marine Reserve or down to Placencia on 3 day trips and the constant sun and salt naturally take their toll.

So, at this time every year when the island has quietened down, we give the boats a break one at a time, hauling them out of the water and giving them a much needed makeover from top to bottom. They get a fresh coat of paint both inside and out, repairs are made and the engines get fine-tuned. And after a week of renovations the boats are shiny and new and ready to get back to work!

So far Ragga King and Ragga Prince have had their makeovers and are looking as good as new out on the water. This week it is Ragga Queens turn to get pampered :)

Soon all of our boats will be ready for another busy year at sea showing our passengers many of the beautiful sites to be found along Belize’s reef.

Ragga king 2 Ragga King and Ragga Prince

Congrats to our May Photo of the Month Winner!

On May 31, 2011 in News, Photo of the Month

May Photo of the Month Winner

We had so many wonderful entries this month it was such a hard decision, but we are happy to annouce that the winner of our Photo of the Month Competition for May is Olly Trevor!!!! He sent through this amazing shot of Ragga Queen docked at Rendezvous Caye at sunset. Just one of the many beautiful sites you get to see on our 3 day sailing adventure :)

Thank you so much for sharing this magical photo with us Olly. It will be up as our profile picture for the entire month of June! Congratulations again!

Keep the photos coming people!

Happy Belated Birthday to Shane…..Ouch!!!!!

On May 27, 2011 in News, Ragga Crew

Working hard as always, Shane spent his birthday not out partying at Oceanside, but on Tobacco Caye during a 3 day trip to Placencia. He arrived home to the island this morning therefore we would like to take the time now to wish him a very happy birthday for Wednesday!!!

If you have had the pleasure of having Shane as a crew member on your tour then you will be more then aware that he is character hard to forget. Dancing, singing, back-flipping and “ouching” his way around the boat, he will make sure that there is never a dull moment. His natural ability to entertain his passengers combined with his skills as a deck hand has resulted in Shane becoming a highly regarded member of the Raggamuffin team, and we know he will only continue to improve.

Shane is a great person and a dedicated worker and we wish him nothing but success and happiness.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANE!!!! Have a fun weekend celebrating!

OUCH!!! :)

Learn How to Make Raggamuffin’s Famous Ceviche!

On May 26, 2011 in News, Ragga Crew, Video

Many of our passengers have come to us after being out on one of our tours telling us how delicious the shrimp ceviche was and asking us to give them the recipe……..So we decide to make this video, starring none other then Captain Jerry, so that you are all able to make as much ceviche as you desire at home!

Watch and enjoy, then try it for yourselves :)

Happy Birthday to Captain Kevin!!!

On May 15, 2011 in News, Ragga Crew

Today all of us at Raggamuffin Tours want to wish our dear friend Captain Kevin a very happy birthday!!!! Kev has been part of the Ragga Crew for about 5 years now and was promoted to the position of Captain last year. From a deck hand trying to find his sea legs, to a highly respected and very skilled sailor and guide, Kevin has come a long way and we couldn’t be prouder of him. We know that all of our passengers that have been lucky enough to have Kevin on their trip over the years have only wonderful things to say about him and would have experienced for themselves what a kind and free-spirited person he is…..And if you were really lucky you may have even gotten a personal astronomy lesson from him :)

So happy birthday to you Kev!!!! Wishing you a day filled with fun and a lifetime filled with nothing but joy and success.

Best wishes and blessings from all your ballys at Raggamuffin…..and across the globe! Peace!

The Manatees Are Back!!!

On May 11, 2011 in Marine Series, News

With summer fast approaching the water out of the reef has warmed up and our Manatee friends have slowly made their way back to The Coral Garden at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, and we couldn’t be happier! Some of our captains had reported of a couple of random Manatee sightings a few weeks back, but within the last week these beautiful, big animals have been spotted on almost a daily bases, playing together and feeding at the end of the reef in the shallow waters.

With Manatee numbers on the decline it is such a gift to be able to observe these majestic creatures in their natural environment, and to have the opportunity to appreciate their graceful behavior while in the water with them….But having said that, because the Manatee is so endangered it is important that we do the right thing when we are snorkeling with them and make sure we are not harming them in anyway. Below are some tips to follow when swimming with Manatees:

• “Look, but don’t touch” — observe manatees from the surface of the water and at a distance
• Avoid excessive noise and splashing
• Use snorkel gear when attempting to watch manatees — the sound of scuba gear may cause them to leave the area (this won’t be an issue on Raggamuffin’s tours as we only use snorkel gear)
• Don’t feed manatees or give them water

You actually have the most to gain by remaining at a distance. By quietly observing manatees, you will get a rare opportunity to see the natural behavior of these unique animals. They will also stay in the area for a longer period of time if they are not disturbed, which works out better for everyone.

Below is an underwater video taken by Captain Patrick yesterday of two Manatees hanging out at Coral Garden, so you can have a chance to see how incredible they really are. Check it out!

So for those of you who will be embarking on one of our Full Day Sailing and Snorkeling adventures in the months to come, you have this special experience to look forward to… that you will never forget!!!!

Go Manatees!!!!

Introducing Our Photo Of The Month Winner For April!

On May 01, 2011 in News, Photo of the Month

Congratulations to Todd Thornton for becoming our latest Photo of the Month winner with this great shot of Ragga Prince and Ragga Gal anchored out at Hol Chan Marine reserve! You can see Captain Kimani about to jump into the water :) Another amazing shap shot into the world of Raggamuffin Tours! Thanks Todd. Your photo will be up as our Facebook profile for the month of May.

Looking forward to seeing all of your entries for next month!

Congrats again Todd!

“Pirates Of The Caribbean” – Vinko’s Blog

On May 01, 2011 in Belize, Caye Caulker, News

“This is a blog following the Round The Bend Project, a cycle tour on bicycles through Central America – from Cancun to Panama. This independently funded project aims to survey the state of eco-tourism and lodging in the region while exploring the regional culture and its cuisine…” – Round The Bend Project Website.

Vinko, one of the writers of this blog was also recently a passenger on one of our famous 3 day sailing adventures to Placencia a few weeks back. He loved the trip and wanted to share his blog with us, which we loved! Thanks Vinko! All the best with the rest of your adventure.

There’s some great stuff about Caye Caulker in this link, as well as the section about Raggamuffin so click here and have a read for yourselves!