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March’s Photo of the Month

On April 03, 2012 in News, Photo of the Month

Frigate birds at sunset

In our strive to always be unique we have chosen Rachel Kinns photo for our new profile picture. The shot is a beautiful photo of our friendly Frigate birds that follow our boats in the hope of the sardines that we carry on our tours.

We just love the gorgeous color that the birds silhouette – it’s a very unusual and creative shot and we just love it!!!

February’s Photo of the month!

On March 02, 2012 in News, Photo of the Month

Reef off Southwater Caye

I have to say that I am so proud of our customers who are some of the most amazing photographers. Yet again we have an absolutely beautiful underwater shot of Belize’s reef with no camera trickery just sheer beauty!!

We have to say a big shout out to Cathy Jenkins, who is the creator of this piece of art. She took the photo just off Southwater Caye – our last stop before we cruise into Placencia on our famous overnight tour.

Thank you Cathy … keep the photos coming in guys … we love them!!

January’s Photo of the Month!!

On February 01, 2012 in News, Photo of the Month

Rendezvous Caye at night - photo by Tim Nolan

There is once a while when a truly beautiful photo comes our way … and here it is (double click on the image to get a higher resolution!) Tim Nolan has taken one of the most original and beautiful shots of Rendezvous Caye that I have seen in a long time. We are so used to seeing her fringed with aqua marine ocean and the icy white sand but this camera shot shows quite beautifully the magic of the island at night.

We will, as usual, make this photo our Facebook profile page … it probably will not do the photo justice as you need to really see it larger but it very much is our shot for this month!

Happy New Year and Photo of the Month!

On January 02, 2012 in News, Photo of the Month

Springy feet Shane

As ever, Caye Caulker brought in 2012 with a bang … fireworks at the split along with what seemed to be the whole island was a blast. And when the split closed everybody poured into both the Oceanside and Hypnotic – those who stayed in bed, fearing that it may rain really regretted it yesterday and those who came out nursed their hangover!!

New year and also new month brings along our ‘Photo of the Month’ … our new profile photo will be our own ‘springy feet Shane Anderson’ doing what he does best – back flips!! The photo was taken by Dawnette Overbo and we love it!!

October – Photo of the month!

On November 01, 2011 in News, Photo of the Month

Adela, Edith and Ali

For us at Raggamuffin, October was a month filled with love as we all holidayed an relaxed on our month off work! The icing on our cake this month was Edith (the un-sung hero of Raggamuffin) and Ali’s wedding. And for this we feel that photo of the month goes to our very own Edith for her wonderful collection of photos for her beautiful event!

Thank you Edith and Ali!!

September’s Photo of the month! – Manatees come play with tourists at the split!!

On September 30, 2011 in News, Photo of the Month

The split, just before the manatee appeared! Manatee at the split

There was a buzz at the split this week as a manatee came right up to the split to come ‘hang out’ with tourists.

Brandi Gross (along with her husband Landon) were basking in the midday sun at the split when tourists came rushing out onto the sea wall to watch the manatee slowly swim into the split. Brandi, who was in the water was quite sure she was going to miss out on the fun as she could not see what was happening on the other side of the wall. However, patience is a virtue and Brandi’s patience won over when the manatee came around the wall, right up into the shallow area of the split where she was swimming. Luckily she had her camera in her hand to document the event and therefore we are able to post some pictures as proof of the incident!

Up close and personal - manatee at the split!

For this, to celebrate that manatees do indeed love Caye Caulker, we want to make Brandi’s above picture our Facebook photo of the month – thanks Brandi!!

August Photo of the Month – Congratulations Mayra Arboleda!

On August 31, 2011 in News, Photo of the Month

A big congratulations to Mayra Arboleda, a Tour Leader from GAP Adventures, who took this photo of 5 manatees whilst she was snorkeling at Hol Chan Marine Reserve. For at least two weeks over the August period we were regularly snorkeling with 4/ 5 manatees at the Hol Chan and this is the only photo we have as proof!! Ellis once again becomes star for the month of August as it is his legs that we can see in the shot!!!

Manatee and Ellis legs

Our July Photo of the Month Winner!!!!!

On July 31, 2011 in News, Photo of the Month

Beautiful Sunset over Rendezvous Caye - By Lorraine Fei

Congratulations to Lorraine Fei for being chosen as out Photo of the Month winner for July thanks to her stunning photo of a very colourful sunset over Rendezvous caye, taken while she was on our 3 day sailing trip to Placencia. It is a magical picture and we love it! Well done :)

We will be using your winning photo as our profile picture for the month of August as well as posting it onto our website to say thank you for sharing it with us.

Congrats again Lorraine!!!!

To all of our other wonderful passengers make sure that you keep tagging us in you amazing photos from you adventures with us and you too could become one of our photo of the month winners!

The June Photo Of The Month Winner Is………

On July 01, 2011 in News, Photo of the Month

June Photo of the Month by Erin Brie

……… Erin Brie!!!!!! Erin sent through this stunning shot of a dolphin swimming along side Ragga Queens bow during the overnight tour she took to Placencia with us. This is just one of the many amazing things you may get to see on our 3 day trip down the coast of Belize.

Congratulations Erin!!! Thank you for sending this beautiful photo through to us. We love it! Your winner image will be up as our profile picture for the entire month of July.

Congrats to our May Photo of the Month Winner!

On May 31, 2011 in News, Photo of the Month

May Photo of the Month Winner

We had so many wonderful entries this month it was such a hard decision, but we are happy to annouce that the winner of our Photo of the Month Competition for May is Olly Trevor!!!! He sent through this amazing shot of Ragga Queen docked at Rendezvous Caye at sunset. Just one of the many beautiful sites you get to see on our 3 day sailing adventure :)

Thank you so much for sharing this magical photo with us Olly. It will be up as our profile picture for the entire month of June! Congratulations again!

Keep the photos coming people!