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Raggamuffin Awards 2013

On February 06, 2013 in News, Photographs, Ragga Crew


Ok so here it is the party of the century – but I have to apologize as you are not invited!!

Yearly we have a crew party (generally around Xmas) and within the party we give out Awards to reward those have over achieved over the past year.  This year at Xmas there was no time and importantly no budget for a Raggamuffin party – not in the style that the crew demand, so on Monday 11th Feb we will be date for the Raggamuffin Awards 2013.

The party will be hosted at Paradiso’s Cinema as it will be closing its doors for the occasion and crew and their significant others are invited.  The evening will be one to allow the entire crew to celebrate our success together at one time (as there is very rarely a time when all of us are together due to the overnight tours) and of course for a few to receive their Awards.

This will all be washed down with plenty of drinks and a delicious dinner – and I promise we will fill you in with photos afterwards!!



Happy Birthday sweet Adela!!

On December 10, 2012 in Ragga Crew

Sexy Adela

We want to make a big shout out to our one and only Adela for her birthday on Saturday!!  There is not much that happens at Raggamuffin that Adela is not involved in as she has over the past year taken over much of what was her sisters work (Edith), masterminding the daily set up at the Raggamuffin office!

Adela kept her birthday much under wraps and let very few of us know about her special day and therefore, aside from Madai trying to get her drunk on Saturday night – she kept a very low profile!!  We have obviously given her a piece of our mind as we are entitled to want to celebrate her birthday for her and we promise to make up for it next year!!!!!

We just want to take the time to thank Adela for her tireless work in the Ragga office – she has been pure joy for all of us to work with and really strengthened us by adding her efficient and bubbly personality to our crew!  We were blessed the day she walked into our office.

Happy birthday Adela – wishing you many more to come!!!!

Happy Birthday Ellis!!!

On November 17, 2012 in Ragga Crew

Birthday boy Ellis!

Ellis Nicholas, Nate Dawg or whatever you refer to him as,  is growing one year older and wiser today!

Ellis leads a charmed life – immensely popular with locals and tourists alike he could be labelled CEO of Caye Caulker (Chief Entertainment Officer) – as wherever Ellis is at, the party is!!  He has the perfect job … Tour Leader and Captain at Raggamuffin Tours where he gets to swan up and down the reef in our tropical paradise!  And furthermore, if that is not enough he regularly visits the US for his R&R!!  The man has it all!!!

On top of this, tonight is Ellis will be celebrating his new decade in style .. he loves to host a party for his birthday and tonight is no exception!!!  If you are very lucky (and I am not too drunk) I might even post a few photos of the evening!!!

Happy Birthday Ellis – love from the crew!!!


Is Cupid responsible for all the Scorpion birthdays in Belize?

On November 06, 2012 in Ragga Crew

'The Boss' - Captain Jimmy.Shane - Happy Birthday today!

Is there a corrolation between unusual amount of Belizean November birthdays and Valentines Day???  It’s a thought, I mean, Feb 14th is give or take a day 9 months before this Scorpion burst??

From Raggamuffin alone there is Lee Shane, Jimmy, Ellis and Keith (or Dice) to name but a few … not to mention the enormous number of November birthdays on Caye Caulker.  So when Cupid fires his bow in February it creates this unusual spike in births for November – interesting fact hey!!

For now we will be celebrating the birthdays of two of our favorite crew members – Shane Sho (Lee Shane) and the originator, Captain Jimmy.   Shane will be celebrating his birthday today and Jimmy will celebrate his tomorrow (I gather with a party on the North side with a bonfire etc etc – you coming??).

So for now we want to wish Shane a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all his fellow crew members and extended family – we will surely be having a few drinks tomorrow to celebrate with you!!

Big Shane becomes Captain and Tour Guide!

On October 31, 2012 in Ragga Crew

Captain and Tour Guide Shane!!Ragga Gal hauled up last week.

Once again we are immensely proud to watch our very own, home grown, Shane Anderson put on his Raggamuffin shirt to Captain and officially Tour Guide out on our Hol Chan Marine Reserve tour today.

Shane has been with Raggamuffin from as far as I can remember, picking up all the dirty work, learning the operation of the boats until he was allowed to become a deck hand.  For the past three years he has spent many of his weeks up and down the coast of Belize’s inner reef on our Placencia tour.  It is during this time he has learnt to Captain from our smallest boat Ragga Gal to even our largest Ragga Queen.

At the beginning of this year he grew tired of no ‘Tour Guide Training Courses’ being held on Caye Caulker and in frustration he commenced the course by himself, studying the books Chapters and taking his exams with the Belize Tourism Board by taking himself to San Pedro time for each and every exam.  Shane passed all of his exams first time, a accolade that can be proud of as most do not achieve this (other than our very own Kevin and Jacob three years ago!!) – which is a measure of this man’s dedication to his path!!

As if this is not enough of a reason to be proud of Shane.  For the past month Shane has spent each day of October (when we have been closed) renovating, refurbishing and painting Ragga Gal.  It has taken longer than we expected but truthfully the workmanship on Ragga Gal in the end is above anything we have seen on her before – Shane has, as with every aspect of his life, given much hard work and dedication to the job at hand.

Today Ragga Gal and Captain Shane have set sail on their first tour together with Shane as the Captain and we are immensely proud!  Well done Shane – this is just what you have worked so hard for!!

Happy Anniversary Ali and Edith

On October 21, 2012 in Ragga Crew

Congratulations Ali and Edith

The backbone of Raggamuffin is the amazing Edith.  A year ago to this very day she tied the knot in matrimony with her now husband Ali Cansino of the Fisheries Department.  We, meaning the extended Ragga family, were ALL there .. nobody was left out to see the cornerstone of our family on her happiest day of her life!

We want to wish her and Ali the a Happy Anniversary from all of us here at Raggamuffin – we know you are enjoying your day in Orange Walk with Ali’s family and we want to wish you blessings for many more years to come!

What Raggamuffin’s do on their time off!

On October 19, 2012 in Ragga Crew

Ragga Queen in the middle of renovations.Ragga Gal in the middle of renovations.

We are closed for the month of October and it is a month that we re-energize and renovate!  Many of the crew .. Ramsay, Jacob, Ellis and Kimani .. are spending their time off with their loved ones around the globe.  For others of us with responsibilities in Belize and perhaps even children we are locked to the island and therefore we holiday here on the island.

For the boats and the equipment the vacation is one of renovation.  Ragga King and Prince already were dry docked during June but in a week’s time, they will get their second lick of paint for the year to ensure that they are looking good for the up coming season.

Ragga Queen – the largest of our boats is currently at Moho Caye in Belize City.  They have an electric crane that they can haul boats out of the water so that they can sit on land.  These beauties in the water somehow look a little like sitting ducks out of the water but the process is necessary for renovation.  Ragga Queen, although now almost entirely fibre glassed it has had time to dry and sanded and soon she will be painted from top to bottom.  This boat gets by far more use than all our boats and the cost of maintaining her quite definitely is the same as all the other three wooden boats put together!

An exciting addition to the boat when she returns will be her in-board engine.  This was removed at Easter time and an outboard has been pushing her for too long – this now will become the back up engine with the inboard diesel being the powerhouse behind the boat.

Ragga Gal is a different story – she is the lightest and the smallest of our boats and since the addition of Prince, she only really gets used in high season.  Gal is so light that, with the help of Tiger and his big truck, we pulled her on to dry land about three week’s ago so we can see her progress from day to day.  She has also been sanded and already given her coat of gluvit (to give the wood that water tight feel) and will be finished painting in the next week.

These are not the only Raggamuffin items that are getting a lick of paint .. the shop will gain a new roof and a full lick of paint and even the dock we use in front of Sobre Las Olas is getting a complete overhaul!!  All of this put together … refurbished and repainted boats and re-energized Captains and Guides means that Raggamuffin will be better than ever to perform to an even higher standard than we have before – watch out Belize, here we come!!

Happy Birthday Ish!!

On September 20, 2012 in Ragga Crew

Ish with Jerry!Captain Ish!

Today we have a big shout out to one of our biggest characters at Raggamuffin – Captain Ish!!  Ish is a fairly new recruit in Raggamuffin terms ie he has only been with us a year but in that time he has already had a huge impact rising to Captain within the shortest time I can remember, never mind the fact that he will start leading tours come November!

Island boy, accomplished fisherman and seaman he is Raggamuffin through and through and he really is still only a baby!!  Ish’s huge lovable personality combined with his exceedingly professional nature makes him a hit with everybody that travels with him and for us, a man that we can very much rely on to get the job done!

Ish’s birthday lands on the eve of Belize’s Independence day and therefore this means that he can guarantee that island will be partying with him tonight – we have already received our invitation to his house for his pre-fireworks party, so if you are on the island … you are given full permission to crash the party and join us!!

Happy Birthday Ish!!!!!

Happy Birthday Vito!!

On September 17, 2012 in Ragga Crew

Vito at the end of the working day.Vito heading out to the reef!

A big ‘Happy Belated Birthday’ shout out to Vito as it was his birthday yesterday!!

Although it is only a year since Vito (Evaristo Rosado) joined Raggamuffin, it feels like we have been working together for years.  Vito is really one of the favorite Guides for our crew to work with – really Captains fight over him for him to be on their boat!!

Vito has been working on the sea for all of his life and therefore his sea skills and knowledge are second to none – twinned with his genuine concern and patience with all passengers in the water and his ability to entertain, all those that tour with him just love him!  Vito is acknowledged by all that work with him to be a hard worker and for this above all has him highly regarded within the Raggamuffin team – something that is not easy to accomplish with the number of characters working here!!

We want to wish Vito a huge ‘Happy Birthday’ and thank him for all his hard work here at Raggamuffin – we are truly blessed to have him as part of our crew!!


Tico – the ‘Jew fish slayer’!!

On September 05, 2012 in Caye Caulker, Ragga Crew

Tico's Jew Fish - or Goliath!!

Tico Raquena is now infamous for his deadly spearfishing skills with the giants of the sea – the Jew Fish and today confirmed this once again.

Tico went out fishing with a number of islanders yesterday (Tuesday) and due to the wonderfully calm weather, they went out to the blue – outside the reef!  As a fishing expedition in one boat, it seems obvious that not all the men on the boat can fish with rods – therefore Tico armed himself with his weapon of choice (his speargun).

Goliath of the Ocean

Although you can see from the pictures that this was quite a sizeable fish and very few fisherman can ever claim a catch of this size, this is not an isolated incident for Tico.  Only a year ago he turned up at the Split with two Jew fish, both the same size as the one that he caught today – his partner in this escapade being his 14 year old son – Karl Raquena!!!!

Although much can be said about Tico’s prowess on the speargun, a huge factor to the success of catching this fish is the teamwork necessary for those in the boat, to haul onboard this Goliath of the ocean!  A big hand has to be given to Emmanuel Rodriguez (Tol) and Emilio Novelo who completed the task!!

Tico yesterday made fun of his spectators and sized up his catch by holding Raggamuffin Junior – Malik against the fish – much to Malik’s terror!!

The fish has already been filleted and each and every part will go to supporting a number of island families in the months of September and October where business is very much slower!!  Thank you Tico and Crew!!