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Happy Birthday Captain Ramsay!

On April 27, 2012 in Ragga Crew

Captain Ramsay!Ragga Queen's Captain - Ramsay

Today is the birthday of everybody’s favorite – Captain Ramsay.  Ramsay or (Puss as many locals like to call him) has been part of the Raggamuffin crew for what seems like forever (8 years) and we are eternally grateful for his presence.

Ramsay brought a wealth of experience and wisdom to the crew and still does whilst balancing that with his love for people and sailing!  Rams is rarely parted with Ragga Queen, as one of Raggamuffin’s more experienced Captains, they are a match made in heaven as Queen requires the additional attention!   For the management team, Ramsay is still brought into many of the major decisions as his opinion is so well regarded – thank you Rams!

Part time Sports Bar Trivia MasterBlowing a kiss!!

Aside from the Raggamuffin office, Ramsay can be seen at various establishments around the island – nothing less than the Split and the Sports Bar – as being Triva Master or even taking part in the trivia competitions is one of his favorite past-times – not to mention that Ramsay is one of the most social members of the Caye Caulker community!

But today, he has the day off from work and so he should – if you want to see Ramsay, come to the Split and buy him a beer – from there … who knows!!


Happy Birthday Captain Patrick!

On April 17, 2012 in News, Ragga Crew

PatrickCaptain Patrick

It seems long ago now (8 years ago if my memory serves me correctly) that ‘cowboy’ Patrick sat in the Raggamuffin office with his neatly braided hair and announced that he wanted to become Captain Patrick!!   Like a man of his word, he made himself indispensable and has very much guided and motivated those who followed him with the same inspiration.

Patrick is part of the old guard of the Raggamuffin crew (he is our family) .. he has grown from boy to man and flourished right in front of our eyes and very much a favorite with office, Tour Guides and passengers alike.   Patrick’s future looks equally golden with his future wife at his side it looks like Australia will be a huge part of his future – lucky Australia – but we have not lost him quite yet!!

Patrick and PaigePatrick and fish

Today he turns 30 years old and we will celebrate accordingly – Raggamuffin style!  For us now, we want to wish a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY for this old boy and wish him many more wonderful birthdays to come!!

Paige comes home!

On April 16, 2012 in News, Ragga Crew

Captain Patrick and his first mate, Paige!Shane, Chris, Malik, Paige and Dane yesterday!

Paige returned back to the island yesterday after over 8 months away.  Paige was instrumental, along with Ariel Samara, in Raggamuffin’s internet revolution just over 18 months ago and therefore we are very happy to have our friend and co-worker back!!  Paige will only be here but for a few months but in that time, we will definitely put her talents to good use.  Paige is an excellent photographer and put together most of the Raggamuffin crew videos so watch this space as we have some excellent ideas to entertain you!!!

Although Paige has been missed by all on the island and indeed she missed us, it was Captain Patrick that she was really here to see and indeed she will be celebrating with him tomorrow for his 30th Birthday!!



Raggamuffin Heros – Ellis and Chilo

On April 13, 2012 in News, Ragga Crew

Ragga PrinceChilo and Ellis - Raggamuffin Heros

Yesterday, Ellis and Chilo became heros as they rescued three Mexican tourists, whilst on their way to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

The tourists had set off at sunrise from Caye Caulker in a canoe, determined to have a do-it-yourself snorkeling tour to see the manatees at the North of the Caye Caulker Marine Reserve – far cheaper they thought than one that the tour operators offer and surely the reef was not that far away!!!  Instead of heeding the advice of locals and staying close to the land (they had rented the canoe with a different pretex than the one they intended), the three ventured out in to the open seas (none of them with any experience or knowledge of what lay before them).

When they were far from the point of Caye Caulker over an hour into their excursion, the canoe started taking on water in the higher waves expected in this location.  One of the tourists referred to their canoe as ‘drowning’ and within minutes the canoe had sunk with all their possessions – leaving them to tread water out on the open sea with no flotation devices – far away from any land.

Four hours later they say, Ragga Prince was passing in the distance – if it was not for Chilo’s keen eye the tourists would have been passed quickly – but instead they headed the sailboat to the swimmers in deep distress.  Ellis threw out the life rings to the tourists, the one girl was so tired that she could not even move towards the ring!!

The Mexicans were indeed in deep distressed at their situation.  They clung to the Guides as they were truly grateful that they had been picked up.  They were hungry and thirsty and therefore Ellis and Chilo gave them their lunch so they had some  sustenance.

The crew immediately got on the phone to the office in order to advise the Fisheries to come and pick them up in order that they could be seen by a Doctor and indeed they came within 45 minutes.

The tourists themselves are absolutely safe and sound but, a lesson must be learnt from this kind of incident.  Firstly, canoeing or kayaking around Caye Caulker is absolutely safe (in the right conditions and the weather was perfect yesterday).  Always listen to the advice of locals with regard to conditions and never stray away from reach of land – if you are not going to listen to someone who knows better – then take a life jacket with you!!!

Anyway, once again Raggamuffin’s crew have been proved to be heros – well in particular Captain Ellis and Chilo – well done boys!!!

Easter on Caye Caulker 2012

On April 09, 2012 in Belize, Caye Caulker, News, Ragga Crew

Easter TemptationIsh and Jerry

This year’s Easters festivities were far the best that I have ever experienced in all my many years on this beautiful island.  It was a combination of factors … both the Split’s entertainment and Easter Temptation were excellent, the energy on Caye Caulker was a positive one and all were here to have fun, not to give trouble.  The police presence was a positive and well organized and of course, the those whose responsibility was to keep our island clean worked hard at doing that!!

Easter Temptation sound stageElectrosounds - Orange Walk

The Lobsterfest Committee need to be applauded for their Easter Temptation leaving us to only wonder how good this year’s Lobsterfest will be!!! The venue was attractively put together, the line up kept everyone dancing all weekend long and their selection of games innovative and onlookers enjoyed them immensely.   Raggamuffin sponsored the cash prize for the greasy pole – Ish did a fantastic job at the ‘bottom man’ but unfortunately his team was not the eventual winners.

Ish's team - he is the man at the bottomEventual winners of the greasy pole

The Split were not to be defeated and the new beach had three tents, a second Heinekan bar and even additional toilets for the event.  This was definitely the location to be during the day yesterday as Electosounds played for the island – the surrounding water acting as a fantastic way to beat the heat whilst enjoy the party!

Congratulations to all involved in this Easter’s celebrations – roll on Lobsterfest 2012 – it just cannot come quick enough!!


Temptation begins and Raggamuffin Champions!

On April 07, 2012 in Belize, Caye Caulker, News, Ragga Crew

Raggamuffin Champions!Easter Temptation location!!!!

For those of you who are not lucky enough to be with us, we will keep you updated on the excitement on Caye Caulker as much as possible.  Although the party has officially not commenced, the stages are set and they far outweigh any that we have seen before here on Caye Caulker!!!

The Split's party locationThe Split swimming area

Alongside the excitement for the evening, the Tour Guide Association Sailing Regatta 2012 took place and once again, Raggamuffin’s Crew were Champions taking 1st in the larger sailboat race and 2nd in the Open.  Jimmy, Patrick, Jerry and Shane were the team that took honors (on the lovely Ragga Gal) – congratulations guys!

Food stalls outside the Palapa GardenThe Champions return home

Easter Temptation at the Palapa Gardens looks set to be the place to be as the venue has been decked out with a lounge style furniture plus dancefloor, it looks too good to waste on just one nights events!!!  Although nobody has been taking advantage of this area today, tonight will be a different thing as the DJ will make us understand why it has been named ‘temptation’!!

The split is, as you would expect, crowded today with everybody doing their best to beat the heat.  The new beach being put to use as the area where the band will be playing!



A Raggamuffin Monday!

On March 26, 2012 in News, Ragga Crew

Patrick, Ramsay, Jerry and Chris Big Shane and Dylan

Our favorite topic on Caye Caulker is ourselves, so when there is not much on the island to report we enjoy talking about our wonderful Raggamuffin!!

Ellis and Jahlee Vito, Kevin and Jacob

Monday is always a hive of activity as many of the staff take the weekend off to spend time with friends and family!!

Kevin, Ish and Dylan are exhausted from their return journey last night from Placencia – soon they will be making their way to bed. Jerry meanwhile is getting ready for his trip down south tomorrow and is in the office to inspect his boat is being cleaned properly and is in perfect working order!!

Dane, Zahara and Ish Jerry and Maday

Captain Jahlee and Captain Ellis have come into the office to clean up Jahlee’s motorboat from their fishing trip yesterday with the boys and Jacob and Dane are wondering why they were not invited to go with them????

Anyway, all is perfect in our perfect world – have a good week everybody!!

Captain Kimani is 8 years old today!

On February 29, 2012 in News, Ragga Crew

Captain Kimani Rams, Kimani (with no hair), Patrick, Kevin and Jacob

??? – well think of it, today is 29th Feb as it is a leap year and, 32 years ago Kimani Leslie was born in Placencia!! In Caye Caulker, he is alone with this date of birth and this, amongst a number of wonderful character traits, makes him absolutely unique!!!

Kimani was one of the founding crew members of Raggamuffin back 10 years ago. His brother Mark Leslie had encouraged him to move from Placencia to find more regular work up here in Caye Caulker. Back then he was already a skilled Captain and Tour Guide with his own motor boat, but he was intrigued by the sailboats and therefore he joined our small band of merry men!!

Kimani has grown with us, in fact he is instrumental in teaching not to mention encouraging and motivating many of those who joined after him … Patrick and Kevin in particular. His sailing skills and his experience with larger boats like Ragga Queen make him a senior Captain and very much one of our staff to look up to. Along with this he is famous for his relaxed and easy going character, huge energy for work and a great favorite with our staff on the boat and in the office.

Happy birthday Kimani!

Happy Birthday Boss Lady!

On February 25, 2012 in News, Ragga Crew

Charlie with her two children - Malik and Zahara Charlie with her favorite drink in her hand!

‘One year older, one year wiser’ says Charlie who is evasive about her actual age!!

Charlie, wife of Mr Raggamuffin himself, Captain Jimmy Jones, will celebrate her birthday today in a more subdued fashion than normal. She is actually off the island on a well deserved break with her family in Cayo.

Charlie has been married to Jimmy for over 7 years now and together they have two children – Malik (6 years old) and Zahara (2 years old). Rarely do you see Charlie around the office now as she is busy with her children, however, she is still very much a part of the Raggamuffin Crew!!

Happy Birthday Boss Lady!!

Raggamuffin Update

On February 20, 2012 in News, Ragga Crew

Shane and Dane Queen's new Captains - Ish, Dylan and Kevin

Once in a while we want to keep you abreast of what is happening on our home territory, the Raggamuffin office!

Jerry came home this weekend after a short break .. we missed him and we are all very glad he is home .. welcome home Jer!! As one returns, another leaves – Jacob is off on vacation today .. he is off to Hawaii with his family for a friend’s wedding .. lucky Jacob!

Kevin and Ish return back to Caye Caulker after their first journey together Captaining Queen on an overnight. Maday went aboard the boat with the guys for her first experience of the trip and, by her account, she thoroughly enjoyed her adventure – who wouldn’t the weather has been perfect!!


Did you know that Big Shane is studying to be a Tour Guide? Shane has been working as a side man now with Raggamuffin for 3 years and really very much deserves to get his license. In between work he has been studying by himself as there are no set dates for a Tour Guide course out here in the Caye. He has been into the city to try and complete his 9 exams that he needs to pass for his License. We are very proud of his endeavors!

Everybody remains happy and healthy and we give blessings for this!! We just love what we do!