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Something you never knew about Ali!

On February 10, 2012 in News, Ragga Crew

Dancing Eagle Rays Carnival Girls

Ali Johnstone our resident environmentalist, marine biologist, blonde rasta and all round personality of the island has a secret talent that many of you may not be aware of.

Ali is a passionate artist and every morning wakes up and, before all of her snorkeling and kayaking, paints for at least 2 hours every morning. It is Ali’s natural rhythm of life and she uses this creative time to balance out her day – her meditation time of sorts!

Circus del Sol da Split Tarpon Jumping

Ali says that if she is not painting on canvas, she is is compelled to paint on a t-shirt or paint signage for local businesses or even gain more experience at her new but very successful tattoo skills (Rastafar Ink). Much of Ali’s work can be seen at Go Slow Art Gallery, located on front street opposite Da Real Macaw, if you are interested but unfortunately, many of the pieces you see here are already sold – but don’t worry she is a prolific painter!!!

Squid Dancing Bara Bones

Introducing Chilo and Dane – Welcome to Raggamuffin

On February 08, 2012 in News, Ragga Crew

Chilo just chilling on our dock! Dane relaxing on Ragga Gal

For sometime now we have been scouting around Belize to find 2 Guides that will fit perfectly into our amazing team. We are really excited about our newest recruits at Raggamuffin and, although some of you may already have met these guys, we want to introduce them to those who have not!

Basilio Lopez or ‘Chilo’ as we call him was born 17th June 1986 and raised in the fishing village of Sarteneja. He was brought up in a traditional fishing family with both Father and Uncle spending their life on the sea. Chilo was gifted with an education but the love for the sea drew him back into the water and therefore Tour Guiding. Chilo is a giant amongst Belizeans, making him a strong sailing Captain on our boats. His ice cool character, immense experience in the water and on the boats and his wonderful charm make him a firm fit in his Raggamuffin shirt!!!

And last, but not least, we have Dane Mark Phillips (just Dane for short!!) born 29th April 1987 and raised in Belize City. Dane is very much a young head on old shoulders as he has actually been a Tour Guide since he was 17 years old and now holds a Senior Tour Guide License. Dane’s hobby from an early age was fishing and his brother-in-law, recognizing his passion guided him to become a Tour Guide – good job Dane’s brother-in-law!! Dane’s is an infectious character, full of energy and information and with his huge amount of experience on boats he is adapting to his new Raggamuffin life with ease. In fact, when asked about how he is enjoying his new job he responded ‘working with Raggamufin is the best thing that ever happened to him!!’ We are loving you right back Dane!!!

Raggamuffin’s Scooter Girls!

On January 24, 2012 in Ragga Crew

Edith, Adela and Maday with their scootersScooters that are NOT for rent!

The Ragga Scooter girls .. sometimes known as Charlie’s Angels are causing quite a storm here on the island. Maday has had her scooter for about 2 years and when she started working at Raggamuffin, Edith and Adela (who live near Maday) realized that life could be much easier with a scooter!!

Edith’s scooter was a present from her husband (ah, how romantic) but Adela financed her red chariot herself. All girls are obsessively clean about their scooters … when it is raining and their are puddles, the ladies would rather take a taxi than get their bikes wet!!!

The funny thing is that when the girls are in the office, the scooters lined up outside Raggamuffin makes tourists feel that they are for rent. Regularly the ladies have to inform persons that their scooters are not for rent, even when the tourist is quite insistent!!!

Vito (or Evaristo Rosado) joins the crew!!!

On January 09, 2012 in Ragga Crew

vitoVito and Allie at the Xmas Party

So for a long time we have had our eye on Vito and we have often used him as and when he has been available. Just before Christmas we managed to persuade him to commit to Raggamuffin and indeed since then, he has become a fully fledged member of our our crew!!

Born 16th September 1955, very much raised in Caye Caulker in one of the largest families here on the island (the Rosados) – Vito has been raised on the sea and therefore he is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his environment. He has been in the tourism industry for over 20 years, guiding for snorkeling and fishing and therefore the move to Raggamuffin was obvious for us!

Vito comes to us as a Captain that can also sail, which is a bonus to us of course and therefore he will be both Captain and Guide for both day trips and overnights. Already (over Xmas) he has made a welcome contribution to those who have had the pleasure for joining him on tours – extremely popular with both young and old – and very much a favorite of the crew!! Welcome on board Vito!!!

The Queen gets new sails!

On December 30, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Queen's white sails! Ragga Queen

In our endeavors to keep a high quality standard on all our equipment we have just had made three new sails for our Ragga Queen. Now clean, white not rust stained and patched like before, the sails look absolutely beautiful on the freshly renovated boat!

It has taken time, and far too much expense but we are finally happy with our finished product! Go Ragga Queen!!

Merry Christmas One and All!!

On December 24, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Merry Xmas from the Staff at Raggamuffin

There is nowhere better (unless you love the snow!) to spend your Xmas than Caye Caulker. Today the sun is shining, the wind is absolutely perfect – our very natural form of air conditioning – and the streets are filled with locals and tourists alike!

The festive season is in the air … there are new businesses open on the island offering us all more variety, 88 West (located at Belize Dive Services) offers a simple menu of burger, fries and wings absolutely which are to die for!! The Chat n Chill, perfectly located on the beach and the center of town allows you to both watch the reef and the world go by! And finally, Herbal Tribe has been re-opened as ‘The Dice Box’ not to mention the the split having its additional layer!

The streets are flat and smooth … the Village Council have acquired a new ‘toy’ that assists them in grading the streets and for those on foot, bike and especially vehicles it is a sandy joy to travel upon!!

Businesses are busy – hotels are fully booked, Tour Operators are enjoying the beautiful weather and scuba diving and snorkeling trips are overflowing with happy passengers! During the night the streets are alive with everybody celebrating Christmas in all the restaurants and bars.

This is Christmas Caye Caulker style and, if you are not here to enjoy it with us, then we wish you a Merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy yours as much as we are enjoying ours!

Raggamuffin Crew Xmas Party 2011!!!

On December 20, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Boat Crew Office and Kitchen Crew

Due to the fact that many of the crew will be out on the high seas this Christmas, we orchestrated the one night in Xmas week (last night, Monday 19th December) for everybody to be in town for our ‘family’ Xmas party. The get together involved a few drinks, plenty of turkey dinner and our 2011 Raggamuffin Crew Awards!! The venue was the fantastic new ‘Chat n Chill’ bar, located beach-side (opposite the Happy Lobster). The party opened the new bar – you could say that Raggamuffin christened the location!!

Chris, Jacob and Kevin (Ragga's Employee of the Year!) Ramsay, Jerry (Mr Personality 2011) and Li Shane (Most Improved 2011)

The Awards are our annual way of the crew rewarding those who have done well or improved over the year. Each member of the crew gets a voting sheet that they nominate their colleagues. It was no surprise that everyone’s favorite Captain Kevin won Employee of the Year – in fact, Kevin received more votes than everyone else put together!!!!!

Chris, Charlie and Patrick Raf, Alli, Shane and Kevin

Mr or Mrs Personality went to Captain Jerry – for once Jerry was absolutely lost for words when he won the Award – very amusing!! Our ‘Un-Sung Hero Award’ went to Chris and the Most Improved for 2011 was jointly won by the two Shanes! Congratulations boys … well deserved!!

Ish and Big Shane (Most Improved 2011 Jimmy and Ellis

Happy Birthday Sweet Adela

On December 09, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Adela and Joannie Sexy Adela

We want to say a huge ‘Happy Birthday’ to our newest ‘honey’ in the office, Adela Chavarria, sister of our beloved Edith turned 27 years of age today!!!

Adela is not one for pomp and ceremony she actually wanted her birthday to go un-noticed … can you imagine that, at Raggamuffin!!! Her gift to herself is her ruby red scooter that she prizes above all other possessions, other than say her sweet daughter Joannie. Adela is proud of her sweet baby girl as she (most of the time) tops her class as Mummy keeps her very much in check – average is not part of this families vocab!!

The day was miserable and rainy so there was not much to get excited about – other than her ceviche at the end of the day!! Do not worry, we know that Adela likes to ‘break out’ occasionally .. we will make sure that she does just that at the Raggamuffin Crew Xmas Party!!

Happy Birthday Adela … may you are blessed with many more!!

Introducing Ish and Maday!

On November 22, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Maday and Ish

It is with great pleasure that I introduce two of our newest recruits into the Team Raggamuffin – Maday and Ish!

The lovely, Maday Barrera

Maday Barrera joins Edith and Adela in the office, making Raggamuffin firmly one of the most professional and efficiently run Operators in Belize (not to mention beautiful!!!). Maday’s huge smile has been warming up some of the best restaurants on the island and her desire for change was to find a role that would give her the same interaction with people but during the day and not the evening!! Raggamuffin to the rescue!

Maday is 27 years old and I am proud to say was born and raised here on Caye Caulker with all her family around her. She has a strong passion for the ocean and our environment and loves all that Raggamuffin stands for! Maday is famous for traveling around Caye Caulker on her scooter, a hobby that she is passing down to both Edith and Adela (both of whom are acquiring scooters of their own) starting a trend that we can call the ‘scooter girls’!!!


We have had our eye on Israel Badillo or Ish as we know him, for quite sometime. Ish, son of the late and great Rally Badillo (one of the most regarded fisherman and sailor on this island), is more than qualified for the job! Again, he was born and raised in Caye Caulker, he has been working as a Dive Master but the attraction of the fishing and the spearfishing (his greatest hobby) on the overnight tour has made him cross over to Raggamuffin! Ish is not only extremely talented Tour Guide and fisherman, but one of the most genuine people that you will meet on this island – it is a true pleasure to be on a boat with him!

We want to give a huge Raggamuffin ‘welcome’ to our newest members of the crew – Ish and Maday!!

Gone, but not forgotten – 1 Year on …..

On November 18, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Reynolds Felix Miranda

It is a year to the day when our trusted friend Reynolds Felix Miranda passed away. He left a huge hole, that can be filled by no other, and yet it has brought us closer together and made us what we are today!

For those that had the pleasure in knowing him, he was larger than life, his smile so very infectious lit up the room (or the boat!). Reynolds was every bodies friend – a favorite with the crew, villagers and with tourists alike – there is nothing he would not do for anyone – he was truly special!

Every day we think of you our dear friend, and every day we know that you are watching down on us, guiding us and listening to our prayers! And even though you are not with us, we talk of you often as though you are here – probably because we wish you were! One year on … you are gone, but not forgotten – all our love, THE RAGGA CREW!!