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Happy Birthday Ellis

On November 17, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Patch and Ellis Ellis, Chris and Kevin

Yes, it seems to be that most of the Ragga crew are having birthdays this time of the year. We just want to say a big shout out to our friend Ellis Nicholas or ‘Lil Wayne’ as we fondly call him!!

Ellis is celebrating his birthday on the boat … coming back with the invincible Ragga Queen with his crew mates Little Shane and Kimani – we will hear the details on his return!!

Ellis has been part of our crew for more than 2 years now and has worked his way up to Captain Ellis only recently – congratulations my friend! Ellis is a firm friend of many who come here … he is probably the most social of all of our family, incredibly popular as where Ellis is at, the party is at!!

He is fantastic Tour Guide, an excellent Chef and one of the best friends that you can have in the world!!!

Happy Birthday to the Boss!

On November 09, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Captain Jimmy Jones - Birthday Boy! Kevin, Ras Creek, Jahlee, Edith, Ali, Fiona and Anna and Rafael

Yes, it was Captain Jimmy’s birthday on Monday 7th November and at the ripe old 38 years of age the Ragga Crew celebrated in style! (We would have written about this yesterday but the hangover was far too big to cope with putting hand to keyboard!!)

Kevin, Jahlee and Chris Kevin, (Big Shane), Li Shane and Charlie

The chosen venue was ‘the reef’ on our one and only Ragga Queen! The night was a beautiful one with clear skies and a bright moon to guide us. At 8.30pm 40 persons which included the Ragga Crew and our extended family, met at the main dock to ‘cruise and booze’! I am not sure who was the designated driver for the night as all Captains on board were not in any state to be in charge of a boat, however, only fun was had!!

View from the mast of Queen Ellis entertaining the party-goers

For those who do not know it but Captain Jimmy Jones is the owner and founder of Raggamuffin Tours. Jimmy grew up on Caye Caulker and learned his trade (sailing) from all the local fisherman, including his own father) as he assisted them from a young age. Raggamuffin Tours was formed 9 years ago, designed to push forward the overnight tour (one he designed himself) to allow the budget traveler to see an extended and less trafficked part of Belize’s reef.

We thank you Jimmy for the party (and indeed the hangover) … roll on your 39th birthday!!!

Happy Birthday – Shane Sho

On November 06, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Li Shane Li Shane, Ellis and Big Shane

We have to say a big Birthday shout out to the one and only Li Shane. Some of you may know him as Gaza or even just Shane Sho, but Li Shane as we fondly call him is hardly smaller than Big Shane as many people point out!!

Shane has been working at Raggamuffin for 2 years now and, like many of our favorite team members, he carved his role through dedication and hard work. Shane came over from Belize City to escape the increasing trouble. Having an uncle like our very own Captain Jermain, he watched work on an every day basis. He found himself being used from time and time again and before we knew it, we found him a pivotal member of the team.

Less than a year ago he had earned sufficient ‘stripes’ to allow him to go on the actual tours where he has grown in his success. For those that know Shane they would agree that he is one of the most humble and genuine characters you have met. His diligence, his attention to detail and his drive for himself to become a Captain one day, make him excellent team member at Raggamuffin!

Today we want to say a huge ‘Happy Birthday’ to one of our favorite persons – Shane!!

Our Newest Ragga Gal!

On November 04, 2011 in Ragga Crew


No, we are not talking about another boat, but our newest member of the office team! Adela Chavarria, sister of our wonderful Manager Edith Cansino (formerly Chavarria) has joined our office crew!!

Adela has been working in the tourism industry for the past 6 years and now yearns for a more demanding challenge – Raggamuffin! Adela has been brought on to add to our office staff’s depth and is already proving to be a great asset to the Team!

Adela, 1 year older than her sister (and a lady never reveals her age) has a beautiful daughter called Joannie who is in the same class as Malik. Both sisters were originally from Orange Walk in Belize, moved to Caye Caulker to find a career in the tourism sector. Their family has almost entirely transplanted themselves here to follow them and over the years, have very much become part of Raggamuffin’s extended family too!

It therefore feels only right that we welcome Adela into our ‘home’ and hope that, like her sister, she has many happy years with us!!!

The Ragga Crew celebrate at Edith and Ali’s wedding!

On October 25, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Ali and Edith - just before 'I, do'Adela (Edith's sister), Edith and Ali - after 'I do'

This weekend we celebrated in style - Raggamuffin's industrious Manager Edith married the love of her life, Ali Cansino. The wedding was in Orange Walk and therefore required for an small vacation for all of those who were not spending their October internationally!!

We left nobody at home and the crew set off on the water taxi on Saturday, along with their smartest clothes, to watch one of the favorite members of our team on her happiest day! The location of the wedding was Lamani Landings, a beautiful spot on the river just outside Orange Walk. Edith was late, as all brides should be, which meant that as she exchanged vows the sun was setting and the beautiful glow of the sun added to the beauty of the bridal party and the venue itself!

Jerry, Malik and EllisKumiko, Kevin, Kimani, Javier, Shane, Jerry, Malik, Ellis and Shane

Once the ceremony had finished, the party really began! Edith and her husband had put on a lavish feast with a buffet fit for kings and drinks continuously flowing. Edith's entire family are all so very close to all the Raggamuffin crew that this wedding felt special for all of us - and therefore it was a time for real celebration! And indeed there was hardly a dry eye in hall when Edith announced in her speech that the Ragga Crew had really made her day!!

Ellis, Raf and Kimani Jimmy, Edith and Shane

Once the pomp and ceremony had finished, the dancefloor opened up to the Ragga Crew and Shane ‘Springy feet’ Anderson showed Orange Walk how Caye Caulker can move … not to mention little Malik Jones winning the ‘Tornado’ competition!

For us at Raggamuffin, the weekend was definitely one to remember as it embodied the family like spirit and love we have for each of our fellow co-workers. We know what we have is something very special, our camaraderie like none other – I guess that is what makes us Raggamuffin!!!

The Amazing Sting Rays (at Shark and Ray Alley) By Allie Johnston

On October 21, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Southern Stingray Ellis and Stingray

Last little blog I wrote was about only half the entertainment at this venue in Belize’s warm reef waters off the coast of Ambergris Caye. Today, I have to tell you about the beautiful, the fantastic, Southern Stingray!! Tahdah!

This ray is only one of many species in Belize but they are the ambassadors for all stingrays of the world. Incredibly gentle the females can outgrow the males nearly 2/3rds. Males can grow to 2 ½ ft. And the ladies can get to 6 ft. She also gets to pick, choose or refuse her gentlemen rays. Sometimes sharing herself with various males, she can have up to 10 pups but more than likely no more than four.

The Southern Ray is gray brown, elongated diamond shape with big on top eyes, eyes, that look like goat eyes to me, but cute really. They have opening back of the eyes that they take in water through.
These rays like to eat clams and crustaceans, small fish and even worms, ew, that they dig up by huffing the sand away and flapping their “wings” to find. They have great smelling and touching sense but find the food mostly by electro-reception! Whoa! Big word for me…

Almost forgot to mention the tail which is long and thick. The spine is located half way down and is venomous. But don’t worry stingrays aren’t dangerous unless you choose to harass them without introducing yourself first!!! The Guides at Raggamuffin Sailing Tours know these creatures well and have developed a relationship, if you will. Witnessing this relationship first hand is mind blowing. A must if you get to Caye Caulker.

‘On Holiday’ – Caye Caulker Style

On October 12, 2011 in Ragga Crew

The split - empty but beautiful in October!Charlie and Ellis at the split on a well deserved day off!

Things have gone very quiet here in Caye Caulker as October is the slowest month of the year. We at Raggamuffin have closed our office for a month’s welcome break. Few staff remain on the island but most have left to enjoy their own vacation.

Ramsay (Puss), Jahlee and Jacob are in the US visiting friends and family, Patrick is in Australia and Kevin has gone not quite so far an dropped in on our neighbour, Mexico. Jerry and Rafael have traveled less far as Jerry is staying with family in Cayo, Belize and Raf is filming a fly fishing TV documentary on Ragga Gal down in Punta Gorda, Belize!

Patrick 'down under'!

Many of us are still here, enjoying our time of rest here on the Caye. The office management are all spending some well deserved time with their children – Carey and her three little angels and Edith is planning to get married towards the end of October – congratulations Edith!!!

Kimani, Ellis, Harry, Big Shane, Li Shane and Chris all still remain on the island – keeping out of trouble!

Although many of the island restaraunts have closed for this very slow period of business, many are under re-furbishent and more details will follow in a further blog!!

Happy Belated Birthday Ali!

On September 15, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Allie and Spongebob! Patrick and Allie Kayaking

Allie Johnstone, Caye Caulker’s resident Kayaking Queen, Environmental Warrior, Astrologer, Artist, Dog lover celebrated her birthday this Monday 12th September, so we wanted to say a huge Happy Birthday to her – A lady never reveals her age but close sources tell us that she is yet again 21 years old!!!! We at the Ragga office missed the event (for which we are truly sorry) as we were watching the lightning and rain and therefore it slipped us by – and we apologise!!

Mask Demo Captain Allie

Allie, a Caye Caulker villager for now 12 years and a wonderful member of the Raggamuffin Team for almost 5 years, is a well loved lady by locals, tourists and even animals!! Although Allie is not part of the permanent Ragga staff, she still blesses us (and tourists) with her presence on both day and overnight tours once in a while. She feels that the ocean beckons her and she therefore gets on the boats to Tour Guide and get her fix of the marine world.

Allie is a joy to work with as her enthusiasm for everything she touches is absolutely infectious. Her knowledge of the island and the ocean is second to none and her patience and love to mentor many of the younger members of the Ragga staff perpetuates our excellence in our field – thank you dear friend and colleague and Happy Birthday!

How To Clean A Fish – Starring Captain Patrick

On August 26, 2011 in Caye Caulker, News, Ragga Crew, Ragga Vids

Goodbye and Thank You!!

On August 23, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Paige and Patrick Patrick and Paige

With a tear in our eyes we wave by two of our fondest members of the Ragga Crew … Captain Patrick and his partner in crime, Paige Logan as they set off for an indeterminable amount of time ‘down under’.

Patrick has been with Raggamuffin from almost the beginning. He sat in the office, wide eyed and innocent, eager to be part of the team … even though his knowledge of the sea was from that what he had seen on the television!!! His determination and his athleticism made his progress up the Ragga ladder swift and combined with a wonderful personality, he was and still is a firm favorite with passengers and crew alike! Keep logged on to watch a video Patrick made of how to clean fish that we will post at the end of the week!

Paige, came here from Australia over two years ago and fell in love with both Belize and Patrick!! She has been instrumental in all of our work on the internet both from a creative and an editorial perspective and she too has become part of our family! Not to mention that, on her last day on the island, she saved a drowning woman at the split!! Her talents were (and are) endless!

Needless to say that there is a little hole for us at Raggamuffin at the moment, it will heal itself, but it will take some time! Goodbye and good luck our friends and see you again soon!

Ragga Boys Patrick, Ellis, Jerry and Ramsay