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Ragga Queen Comes Home!!!

On August 14, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Ragga Queen Back of Queen

If you have been on or visited Caye Caulker in the past three months you may well have questioned as to where our largest sailboat had vanished to. The answer is that Ragga Queen has been hauled up on dry dock just outside Belize City for a well earned make-over.

She has quite literally been gutted from the bow to the stern (front to back) to allow for a stronger and fully water resistant structure and for increased space inside the boat. Original estimates for this work were for a mere four weeks, but twelve weeks later she is finally here!

Photos below illustrate that she looked almost unrecognizable whilst the work was being undertaken!!

The renovations were necessary both aesthetically and practically and now makes her a much more effective overnight boat due to her increased size and strength – not to mention that she now looks absolutely fantastic – truly the pride of Raggamuffin!! Welcome home Ragga Queen!!

Ragga Queen Make Over Ragga Queen Make Over

Happy Earth Day Captain Jerry!!!

On August 12, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Captain Jerry! Birthday Boy Jerry!

Today we have to say Happy Birthday to one of our favorite Ragga’s…..Captain Jerry!!!!

Jerry has been working at Raggamuffin Tours before it was even named Raggamuffin!! He learned his trade on the water as a side man to the owner Captain Jimmy Jones (some 15 years ago) and now is a Captain and Lead Guide in his own right. Jerry is not a person easily forgotten, so if you had him as a crew member on your tour with us then I have no doubt you know exactly who I am talking about and have many fond memories of him. His cackling laugh, big smile and even bigger voice as well as his incredible talent for story telling make him one of a kind. There is never a dull moment with Jer around and we love him for that. He is a wonderful person and an incredible captain, tour guide and indeed good friend.

Wishing you all the best on your special day Jerry! We look forward to celebrating many more with you. Blessings and best wishes. Enjoy!!!!


Raggamuffin Rum Punch

On August 07, 2011 in News, Ragga Crew, Ragga Vids

If you have been on our full day tour to Hol Chan then no doubt you had a great day snorkelling and coming face to face with an abundance of marine life, as well as soaking up some Caribbean sun…….but one of your other highlights will certainly have been sailing back to Caye Caulker at sunset, reggae tunes playing through the stereo while you relaxed and sipped on an ice cold rum punch cocktail. There is no better way to end a great day a sea, and it is something Raggamuffin has become very well known for :)

The crew are constantly being ask how they make our delicious rum punch so we thought that we would just go ahead and make a quick video, with the help of Captain Jacob, showing you how it is done so that you are able to make your own at home.

We also serve up our famous rum punch on our sunset tour as well as our 3 day sailing adventure.

Watch and enjoy.


Captain Kev’s Hidden Talent

On August 03, 2011 in Ragga Crew

Kev's Beach Painting Kev's Night Painting

If you have had the pleasure of having Kevin as a captain or guide on your tours with us you will know that he is incredibly kind and helpful, hugely knowledgeable about the history or his country and also the marine life you will be interacting with, a skilled free diver and sailor and that he has a passion for astronomy….but one thing that you may not know about Kev is that he is also an incredibly talented painter! It is one of his greatest passions and something he loves to do during his time off.

Kevin started painting in 2007 after being inspired by the beautiful colours of the island after moving out to Caye Caulker. Kevin’s first painting was of an island setting which is what he loves to do most, but over the years he has continued to challenge himself and try different subjects and scenery including jungle environments and portraits. Kev said that he never knows if he will be able to achieve what he wants from a painting until he simply gives it a try and that he is constantly surprising himself at the end. Kev also commented that the thing he loves most about painting is the feeling of relaxation that is created when he has a brush in hand, and that in that moment he is in full control of his own artistic world and has the power to create whatever he desires.

In his spare time Kevin continues to practice and refine his talent. Painting is something that Kev truly loves to do and it will always be part of his life. There are four examples of some of his amazing artworks for you to look at in this blog.

So there you have it, now you know something new about your dear friend Captain Kevin!

Kev's Painting of The Split Kev's Island Underwater Painting

Raggamuffin Passenger Experience

On July 16, 2011 in Caye Caulker, News, Ragga Crew

We at Raggamuffin are always happily providing you with details and information about our tours, which is no doubt beneficial to you, but we know that what you love hearing most is feedback and stories directly from our passengers so that you can get first hand recounts of their experiences with us…..and that’s exactly what we will be sharing with you today!

Click here to check out this great blog written by one of our passengers about their time on Caye Caulker, including the full day snorkeling trip they did with us to Hol Chan. Read and enjoy!

Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor!!

On July 12, 2011 in News, Ragga Crew

Raggamuffin Tours are proud to receive from the highly acclaimed travel authority TripAdvisor a certificate of Excellence!! They have notified us that our 5 star rating due to our sustained excellent reviews on the website have created our noteworthy status!!! Thank you TripAdvisor and most importantly, thank you for all of you who have taken the time to write about us – we are very grateful!!!

Birthday Wishes For Chris!!!

On June 29, 2011 in News, Ragga Crew


Another birthday shout out to give for this month, and this time it is for Chris (a.k.a Big Buff Chris) :)

Chris is one of the newest members of the Ragga Crew, coming on board in November of last year, but in that short time he has become a very valuable member of the team and also highly regarded by the passengers on his tours. You will always see Chris with a big smile on his face, and that combined with his easy going attitude and dedication to work make him great at his job!

Much like Jacob, Chris was born in Belize City and then moved to the US when he was 4 years old. After several years growing up in the states he moved back to Belize in 2008 and is now right at home living the island life on Caye Caulker :)

We hope that you have a wicked birthday today Chris. Much love and blessings from everyone at Raggamuffin!


Patrick & Allie vs The Love FM Kayak Challenge

On June 28, 2011 in Caye Caulker, News, Ragga Crew

On the weekend, as many of you may already know, Captain Patrick and Allie took part in the first Love FM Island Kayak Challenge. The challenge involved Kayaking from Belize City to San Pedro over a period of two days, ending the first day on Caye Caulker. This was no small task but they were both determined to give it a try.

The first day of the race was definitely the most demanding, and two teams dropped out early on. They battled against huge waves to get out of Belize City and paddled none stop until they reached the first check point at St. Georges Caye. Allie had to get out of the kayak and run up the beach to grab a flag and take it over to the officials. They had already been sitting on the kayak for about 4 hours so Allie’s legs could barely hold her up when she tried to run.

They were only half way through the course when they left St. Georges and were feeling very sore and tired. Captain Raf went out as there service boat and followed them the whole way making sure they had enough to drink and giving the fruits and power bars when they needed it……and of cause encouraged them and keep them motivated. He pumped out music from his boat for them to keep their energy and spirits up.

Two hours later they came into Caye Chaple were it was Patrick’s turn to run up and grab a flag. They were on the home stretch to Caye Caulker now and both Patrick and Allie said this was the hardest part because they were so close but so exhausted that the last hour just dragged on……..But after 7 hours they finally turned into the shore and headed towards Central Park as the sound of cheers and applause erupted from the huge group of locals waited on the beach for them. They drifted in with big smiles on their faces, so moved by the support that they were being shown. It was an emotional moment. They came in last that day (besides the 2 teams that dropped out), but to the people of Caye Caulker it was as though they came in 1st! There was an immense feeling of pride in the air. It was incredible.

With aching bodies and blistered hands, Patrick and Allie dragged themselves home for some much needed rest as they had to do it all over again in the morning.

The next day the crowds gathered again as Team Caye Caulker set off with the other eight remaining teams as they paddled towards the finish line at San Pedro. The winds were high and the race route was all in opens seas so it was a tough course but the guys kept up a fast pace and stayed in rhythm the whole way. It was very impressive. Big storm clouds were looming above and you could see the rain coming down in the distance, but it stayed away in the end.

Patrick and Allie were neck and neck with 2 other teams the whole way. They took over one team with ease and left them behind, but they just couldn’t get to the team in front in time and they came in about 5 mins ahead of our guys……But it didn’t matter, they had made it to the end and they couldn’t be happier!!!

Team Caye Caulker ended up coming in 9th overall out of 11 teams but regardless they are heroes to everyone on the island! They were the only mixed team in the race (Big up to Allie for being the only female and giving the men a run for their money) and went up against professional teams after practicing together only twice. They were brave and determined and never gave up and that makes them champions!!!!

Thank you to everyone who showed their support. Patrick and Allie are so grateful. It was your belief in them that got them to the finish line.

Congratulations Allie and Patrick. You have inspired us all!

Happy Birthday to Jacob!!!!

On June 23, 2011 in News, Ragga Crew

Jacob - Photo by Elisa Castaldi

Although Jacob is not with us today, here on Caye Caulker – we want to make a big shout out to one of our favorite crew members!!! Jacob has chosen to celebrate his birthday whilst working on one of our famous overnight tours and today he, Jerry and Lee Shane, along with 15 other cool persons from around the world will live it up on Tobacco Caye!!

Jacob was born 1987 here in Belize but moved to San Diego at 5 years old. Son of Captain Bobby, one of the original Tour Guides and sailors from this island he was a natural island boy and moved back to his roots when he was 20 years old. His love of the sea drew him to Raggamuffin and it is here that we are proud to say that he has gained both his Tour Guide License and Captain License!!

For most, including us within the crew at Raggamuffin – Jacob is a firm favorite! For those who have had he pleasure of being on one of his boats he becomes a firm and genuine friend. He is a knowledgeable, exceedingly patient and wonderfully entertaining Tour Guide that we are lucky to have with us at Raggamuffin!!

Wishing Jacob many more birthdays to come!!!

Diving for Conch with Captain Jahlee

On June 14, 2011 in News, Ragga Crew, Ragga Vids

Conch is reguarly used in Belizean cooking, most commonly in fritters, ceviches and soups and it is delicious in all of them! In this video Jahlee shows you how to dive for conch, remove them from their shell the old fashion way and prepare them for eating. As strange as a conch looks when it first comes out of the shell i promise it is very tasty, so make sure you give it a try when you come to Belize!