Overnight Sailing





Raggamuffin has put together this unique adventure to access the more remote/ inaccessible parts of Belize’s reef to showcase some of her best snorkeling and fishing areas! The tour takes the route from Caye Caulker and finishes in Placencia (the tour is never undertaken in reverse), remaining in the inner reef to allow for calm sailing waters.









The trip is designed as an island hopping adventure for all those want to experience this uninhabited Caribbean paradise. The adventure will take place over a period of three days and passengers will spend the night on beautiful Rendezvous Caye and Ragga Cayes whilst visiting Goffs Caye or English Caye, Tobacco Caye and South Water Caye.

Rendezvous Caye at night

During the day the sailboat will gently cruise through Belize’s crystal clear waters and picture postcard scenery whilst stopping to snorkel at least twice each day. Snorkeling opportunities can be maximised by those who are passionate snorkelers by additionally snorkeling around Rendezvous Caye and Ragga Caye the afternoon they arrive and the morning before they depart.


Fishing is also an additional element to the trip. We carry with us hand lines, trawling rods, spin rods and a spear gun. For those passengers whose passion it is for fishing, this is an ideal opportunity to trawl off the boats, spin cast on the islands and to experience spear fishing! For fly fisherman, although whilst we are on the boat there is no way of accessing the flats, whilst on Rendezvous and Ragga Caye the flats off these islands are abundant! (We do not provide fly fishing equipment for the trip).











Above – Rendezvous Caye.

The trip is a ‘simple’ camping trip with Raggamuffin supplying all camping equipment with mats and sheets being provided. Passengers sleep in the units that they travel in ie on average 2 persons to each tent or if they are traveling on their own, their own tent, to allow for privacy.  On Rendezvous Caye’s infrastructure will allow for camping only whilst on our new Ragga Caye, the second night, there is a non camping option.


Above –  Ragga Caye.

Our newly acquired Ragga Caye will offer our passengers camping options as the trip advises.  However, we also have the ‘Ragga Dormitories’, 4 bunk beds to one room that are inclusive in this package – not forgetting our strategically positioned hammocks available too!

In addition to this Ragga Caye also offer customers (if they so desire) the opportunity to up-scaling their current reservation to a night in one of the three over the water cabanas with 2 kingsize beds, ensuite bathroom and private verandah.  Photos of the room and verandah below.  The price of this will be $100US per couple or if a group of 3 or more persons $37.50US per person.  Reservations for these cabanas are limited to only 3 cabanas available so we recommend early reservations.



Showering facilities are basic but fully functional – some of our boats have shower facilities on the boat and the smaller boats carry fresh water for passengers to rinse themselves.  All boats have marine toilets.  On Rendezvous Caye passengers are encouraged to use the shower facilities on the boat and there is a toilet on the island.  On Ragga Caye the second night, we provide shower and bathroom facilities on the island itself.

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For many the quality of the food on the trip is a pleasant surprise as we carry Chef’s on board our trip! In season we will be providing lobster and conch and throughout the year shrimp and obviously there is plenty of fish. For those who do not eat fish we can provide chicken and for vegetarians and those who are gluten intolerant we also have excellent menus – do not worry!

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The trip includes all taxes plus snorkeling and fishing equipment equipment, camping gear, marine reserve and island fees and last but not least food and beverages. The cost of this package is $350US per person until 1st November 2016 when the price will increase to $400US per person.  Typically there are no group discounts.  Trips depart regularly throughout the year on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Please note, trips running over Xmas and New Year and therefore will have an increased price of $450US. This increase of $50US will go directly to the crew to compensate them from being away from their friends and families over these holidays. All other departures are the standard price.

Dropping off at Tobacco Caye
Traveling Onward

The weather is a vital component to the trips success however it is almost impossible to be 100% accurate about the weather. For a trip to be confirmed we need to be forecast that the rainfall is minimal. Cloud cover is not a reason to cancel a trip as clouds rarely stay around for more than a morning or an afternoon for us on the coast. However heavy rain for more than a morning or an afternoon is reason to either cancel the trip or even postpone.

Determining an accurate weather forecast will be done the eve of the trip, often in the afternoon. To do this we take advice from the Belize Met office in person. They have recently acquired a Doppler radar which gives far more accuracy than many of our Caribbean counterparts. Due to the fact that weather can vary widely for the coast and for inland (which forecast are mainly put together for) we take the time to ring the Chief Forecaster directly and get their opinion.

We reserve the right to postpone or cancel a trip if this information gives us to believe that the trips success will be compromised due to the weather. This being said, most of the year we have good weather, with only rainfall at night and little or none during the day!

Traveling Onward
Back to Caye Caulker ..
The bus – this four hour journey takes you on the Hummingbird Highway with some of the more scenic landscapes in Belize. The express bus departs Placencia at 6.30am and is approximately $9US. The Caye Caulker Water Taxi and the San Pedro Water Taxi offers boats to Caye Caulker.

The plane – information of flight times and details at Tropic Air and Maya Island Air.

The boat is not an option of returning!  The fundamental reason is pure and simple – safety.  The return leg for the crew only is undertaken (weather and equipment permitting) at night.  The sea is more rough as the boat travels against the current and in the darkness navigation becomes more difficult.  The crew are immensely capable of this journey but we do not permit passengers to come back with the crew to ensure that the boat and the crew are fully focused on their task and therefore safe.

Into Guatemala via Cayo ..
This journey is undertaken by bus and is actually the same distance as one would travel direct from Caye Caulker to Cayo (approx 4 hours).

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