Raggamuffin’s Fleet

Raggamuffin’s fleet comprise of four boats ranging from 30ft to 50ft.  They vary in style but similarly all have safety equipment such as life vests, VHF radios, first aid boxes, life rings, binoculars and flare guns.  In addition all boats have marine toilets, CD stereos with ipod/ Mp3 hook ups and each boat has been built with significant shaded areas.

Ragga Queen
Ragga Queen is a 50ft custom built Stonington with a ketch rig.  This boat is the largest of the fleet and is most used on the overnight tours as she is equipped with kitchen and shower facilities, not to mention huge shade areas.

Ragga King
Ragga King is a 40ft Belizean built wooden boat with a gaff type rig.  This sailboat, due to the shape of her sail is unique to these waters and a favorite amongst customers.  Ragga King, similar to Ragga Queen is most often used on the overnight sailing tours as she is famous for her large space.

Ragga Gal
Ragga Gal is the original Raggamuffin tours sailboat.  She is a 30ft Belizean built wooden sailboat with a sloop rig.  Distinctive and yellow in color, she is mostly used for day tours and for the smaller overnight tours.

Ragga Prince
Ragga Prince is the newest edition to the Fleet. She is 35ft in length and was originally worked as a fishing boat. We have taken her and added a cabin for shade and bathrooms to suit our passenger vessels. She generally does not undertake overnight tours.